// Todd Watson


In the early 1970s, Todd Watson became a Cub Scout. He stayed active in scouting all the way through Boy Scouts. Dr. Watson again became active in Scouting as a Cubmaster when his son became a Cub Scout. He later served as an Asst. Scoutmaster and a fully-trained Scoutmaster of a troop. As an Advisor for Trail Life USA Adventurers (9th-12th grade) in Troop TX-1836, he honors his scouting legacy while raising the standard for adventure, character, and leadership. Dr. Watson is committed to helping young men become Godly husbands and fathers.

//Roye Moran


Roye Moran currently serves Texas Troop-1836 as Trail Guide for the Fox Patrol. The Fox Patrol consists of the youngest (Kindergarten and 1st grade) boys in the Woodland Trails Program. Roye was not involved in scouting growing up, but he loves the opportunity to get outdoors with 2 of his 3 sons that are also involved in the Troop-1836. Roye and his sons have been involved in Troop-1836 since 2014. Roye enjoys the fact that Trail Life has interwoven biblical teaching and God's great outdoors together to teach the boys of today about adventure, teamwork, and character.

// Ted Hamilton


Ted Hamilton currently serves as Troopmaster for Trail Life USA Troop TX-1836, located in College Station, Texas. As a boy Ted began his scouting adventure as a Cub Scout, and was involved in scouting until he went to college. Ted earned the Eagle Scout award at the age of 14, and went on to serve in a variety of leadership positions within his local troop and as a summer camp counselor in the Central Florida Council. While in college, he served as a summer camp counselor at a private boy's camp in the mountains of North Carolina, teaching boys from 5 - 17 years old. Following college and after joining the U.S. Marines, Ted served within the Boy Scouts as a Troop committee member, a Scoutmaster, and later in his career as a District Chairman.

// Jeff Lehde


Jeff grew up in rural Washington County, Texas, where he discovered his enjoyment of the outdoors through camping and hunting. As a youth, he fondly recalls camping often with his family and church group. One of his favorite camping memories was Sunday morning church services held under an old oak tree along the shore of Lake Somerville. Jeff was also involved in 4H, where he learned valuable community service and leadership skills, and later formed a student Arboriculture group while in graduate school at Texas A&M University. Those lessons and experiences have served Jeff well in life.

// Charles Lafon


Charles Lafon currently serves Texas Troop-1836 as Ranger, overseeing the program for the elementary-age boys in the troop. Charles grew up in the mountains of Virginia, where he learned to enjoy outdoor activities, from hiking to hunting to gardening. As a professor of geography at Texas A&M, he teaches and conducts research related to his interests in exploring the earth. He and his son have been involved with Troop-1836 since 2014. Charles appreciates the way in which Trail Life integrates outdoor activities with spiritual training through which boys can develop godly character as they journey toward manhood.

//John Criscione


John Criscione and his wife, Margaret, have nine children and have been active in youth programs (BSA, AHG, and 4H) and homeschooling for 20+ years. As a professor of engineering at TAMU, Dr. Criscione is a mentor for young adults as well.

//Andrew Crutchfield


Currently serving as the Health and Safety Officer for Troop TX-1836, Drew Crutchfield is putting his experience as a paramedic to good use in an environment that he has always loved. Drew grew up in the rolling hills and hardwood forests of Southern Indiana where he developed an enduring love for God's creation. He and his wife school their three children at home where character is at the heart of every lesson. Trail Life is a natural fit for Drew, allowing him to combine his love of the outdoors with the Biblical, character building, youth leadership training program that is Trail Life USA.

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